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Flyers Cocktail Co. CBD Cocktails, 4 Pack

$ 28.00

Each can of Flyers Cocktail Co. CBD Cocktails is alcohol-free and contains 20mg of CBD. These sparkling beverages are a perfect pairing for your next session or to unwind at the end of the day. The cocktails are available in the following flavors: Tokyo Marg (Yuzu, bitter orange, and chili), BKLN Gold (Oak, vanilla, and bitters), or Sydney Spritz (Botanical bitters and mandarin). The cocktails are available in 4 Packs of each flavor.

Start with one can to achieve your desired effects.

All flavors contain the following ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, natural flavors, full spectrum hemp) distilled water, water soluble full spectrum hemp extract from active polymers, citric acid, glycerin, vitamin C), gum arabic, beta carotene (for color).