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beeZbee CBD+Delta-8 THC Caramels 12 Pack Extra Strength

$ 65.00

beeZbee has transformed the customer-favorite original caramels into a CBD+Delta-8 THC combination. Choose from a total of 3 ratios for your needs. Each bag contains 12 caramels with various mg of CBD and Delta-8 THC each. Options are: 

Extra Strength: 

  • 2:1 Ratio: 40mg CBD + 20mg Delta-8 THC each. Each bag has 480mg CBD + 240mg Delta-8 THC.
  • 5:1 Ratio: 50mg CBD + 10mg Delta-8 THC each. Each bag has 600mg CBD + 120mg Delta-8 THC.
  • 9:1 Ratio: 54mg CBD + 6mg Delta-8 THC each. Each bag has 648mg CBD + 72mg Delta-8 THC.