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beeZbee CBD Terp Pops 40mg

$ 10.00

Check out beeZbee CBD Terp Pops, which come 4 to a bag, for a total of 40mg of CBD per package. beeZbee Terp Pops are infused with isolate and terpenes, which are components that give plants their flavor, scent, and effects.

beeZbeeCBD Terp Pops come in six great flavors:

AK-47: Boost Mood, Increase Energy, Increase Focus
Berry Dream: Reducing Anxiety, Reducing Stress, Improve Sleep
Grape Escape: Reduce Stress, Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood
Lemon Diesel: Increase Energy, Boost Mood
Orange Crush: Increase Energy, Boost Mood, Reduce Anxiety
Strawberry Haze: Boost Mood