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beeZbee CBD+THC-O Pre-Roll

$ 15.00

beeZbee CBD+THC-O Pre-Roll combines the benefits of CBD and THC-O in each conveniently packaged pre-roll. Each pre-roll comes in a squeeze pop-top and smell-proof cone to preserve for several uses. THC-O has strong psychotropic properties. These pre-rolls may boost mood, enhance relaxation, and provide pain relief. Choose from regular or high strength to achieve your desired effects.

Regular Strength, 2:1 ratio: 100mg CBD + 50mg THC-O for a total of 150mg cannabinoids.

High Strength, 1:1 ratio: 100mg CBD + 100mg THC-O for a total of 200mg cannabinoids. 

With THC-O, there may be up to a 60-minute delay in the onset of effects compared to other cannabinoids.