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Flyer's Cocktail Co.

Delta-9 THC Cocktails

Delta-9 THC Cocktails

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Each delicious can of Flyers Cocktail Co. CBD Cocktails is alcohol-free and contains 5mg of THC. These sparkling beverages are a perfect pairing for your next session or to unwind at the end of the day. Each flavor is available in a 3 Pack, or a Sampler Pack (one of each flavor). The Sparkling Ol’ Fashioned pays a non-alcoholic homage to the classically crafted, American bourbon cocktails of the 1900s. The Sparkling Margarita pays a non-alcoholic homage to Japan’s celebrated yuzu fruit and is refreshingly crisp. The Sparkling Spritz pays homage to long walks on bright beaches and is inspired by classic Campari cocktails.

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