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Lucent Botanical CBD Mints 400mg

$ 36.00

For fast-acting, tasty CBD treats on the go, try the Lucent Botanical CBD Mints. Lucent Botanical Mints are a blend of natural herbs and isolate from Colorado-grown hemp. Each mint contains 10mg of CBD and 2mg of natural herbs. Lucent Botanical Mints are available in seven flavors:

Calm Mints may assist reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Energy Mints may assist reduce fatigue and increase energy.

Focus Mints may assist reduce stress and increase focus.

Inflammation Relief Mints may assist reduce inflammation and relief pain.

Mood Lift Mints may assist in increasing mood.

Pain Relief Mints may assist in relieving pain.

Sleep Mints may assist sleeping 

Try them all to find your perfect mint!

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