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Todd Adams Effects Softgels

$ 8.00

These softgels are designed to provide a variety of effects. There are six special blends of unique ingredients that may provide calming effects, soothing feelings, and more. Each packet contains 2 softgels. Choose from the following effects:

  • Calm (15mg CBD, 15mg CBG, 150 Holy Basil)
  • Comfort (10mg CBD, 15mg CBG, 5mg CBC 150mg Willow Bark)
  • Slumber (15mg CBD, 15mg CBN, 50mg Suanzaoren, 50mg Dansen, 50mg Lavender)
  • Soothe (10mg CBD, 20mg Delta-8 THC, 150mg Lemon Balm)
  • Unwind (15mg CBG, 10mg CBD, 5mg Delta-8 THC, 120mg Holy Basil)
  • Uplift (20mg CBD 5mg CBG, 5mg CBC, 150mg St. John’s Wort). 

Ingredients: Ingredients differ by product variation. Please refer to packing for a full ingredient list. 

Instructions: Take 2 softgels and enjoy the effects.

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