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How Nano-Emulsifiers Work

As we see an increase in cannabis-infused beverages, more consumers are being introduced to the benefits of nano-emulsified THC. Nano-emulsification is a technique that breaks liquid particles into tiny droplets on a nanoscale. This technology has revolutionized the bioavailability and effectiveness of cannabis products. Nano-emulsion occurs when cannabis oil is processed to absorb into microscopic water particles. This process enhances the bioavailability and effectiveness of the cannabinoid, in this case THC by breaking them up into smaller droplets that the body can more readily absorb, allowing for faster and more efficient absorption into the body.

What are the benefits of nano-emulsion?

Potency- Due to the enhanced absorption rate, users may experience stronger and more immediate effects compared to traditional cannabis products like flower or edibles. They are the only products on the market where users can receive up to 99% of the THC listed on the product. The duration of effects is typically 2-4 hours.

Consistency- Traditional cannabis products may have variations in serving size accuracy and potency, making it challenging for users to achieve their desired experience. Nano-emulsion THC produces uniformly sized droplets evenly dispersed in the solution, ensuring consistent doses for a more reliable experience. Unlike most edibles, which are metabolized through the liver, nano-emulsified THC is primarily absorbed through the stomach, making the potential potency more accurate.

Convenience- Nano-emulsion THC provides a convenient and discreet consumption method. They are easy to incorporate into various beverages, such as infused drinks or edibles, without affecting taste or consistency. They can even be added to pre-packaged beverages for an extra kick.

How is nano-emulsion used?

Nano-emulsion can be found in prepackaged seltzers, sodas and other beverages, as well as stand alone infusers, edibles, and tinctures, allowing you to create your own THC infused cocktails and edibles.

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