Order on DoorDash now!
Order on DoorDash now!

Order CBD Kratom on DoorDash, and get wellness when you want it. Select from a robust line of cannabis and have it delivered right to your door. Check out the DoorDash app here to see if we’re in your neighborhood.


How can I order CBD Kratom products?

CBD Kratom offers convenience and flexibility, so you can get the products you need when you want them. And now, in select regions, you can get some of our top selling products delivered on demand through DoorDash. You can also stop by any of our 50+ locations throughout Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, or visit our online store.

Do I have access to CBD Kratom’s full line of products on DoorDash?

Unfortunately, DoorDash policies do not allow us to list all CBD Kratom products, including Kratom products on their platform. All products will be offered as allowed by DoorDash policies and we are looking for other delivery options for our Kratom customers. To access our full line of products, visit our online store and stay tuned for updates on product availability on DoorDash!

What if there is a problem with my Door Dash order?

Please contact DoorDash either by phone (855) 431-0459, or by visiting their help section on their website or app.

Can I order on DoorDash and pick up in-store?

Yes. Some locations will be available to pick up DoorDash orders. You can select your pickup location through the DoorDash app.

Is CBD Kratom on DoorDash available in my city?

CBD Kratom is not available in every city at this time, but our services are expanding. To find out if CBD Kratom is delivering wellness in your neighborhood, check out the DoorDash app here