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Song Ryder

Delta-8 THC Traverse Dablicator

Delta-8 THC Traverse Dablicator

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The Song Ryder Delta-8 THC Traverse Dablicator pen provides a mess-free and easy way to partake Delta-8 THC concentrate. These dablicators are offered in the indica strain Grandaddy Purp. With 83.3% Delta-8 THC and 2% THCP, you’re sure to enjoy a smooth, relaxing session. A simple twist and click mechanism allows you to precisely dispense and enjoy your desired amount of concentrate. A variety of uses exist for this dablicator: dab straight from the pen, add to your favorite flower, or infuse into your favorite beverage.

Twist riveted end until desired dosage is shown on the plunger. Press plunger to dispense. Dispense amount: approximately 55mg of oil per black line; and 165mg of oil per red/fully extended line. Use directly as a dab, infuse into your favorite beverages, or even add to your favorite flower.

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