Celebrate Black Friday All Week Long

Celebrate Black Friday All Week Long

It’s that time of the year again. Fresh off of turkey dinners with friends and family, millions will shake off the tryptophan and journey forth into the world of retail in search of great deals for holiday gifts. For some, it’s tradition. For others, it can be a bit hectic, to say the very least.

Have no fear. CBD Kratom has you covered with Black Friday Deals all week long. 

Beat the crowds, and give yourself the gift of wellness with an expansive selection of cannabis, kratom and more, so you can be ready for anything Black Friday, and the holiday season, throws your way.

Stop by for daily specials from top shelf brands, kicking off Friday, November 17th with 25% off all Korthals’ Collection products, plus beeZbee Delta-9 THC lollipops for only $10. Korthals’ Collection is well curated and expertly crafted with high quality ingredients, sourced from respectable kratom growers. Pick up traditional powders and capsules, or indulge in kratom infused beverages and edibles like milk and dark chocolate bars, teas, and seltzers.

On November 18th, scratch your psychedelic itch with 25% off Cosmyic Amanita capsules and gummies, plus Korthals’ Collection No. 387 Caffeine + Ginseng Kratom Chocolate bars, available in milk and dark chocolate for more than 50% off, for only $10. Users of Cosmyic products in lower doses have reported feeling invigorated, elated, and euphoric. At larger doses, users may feel a more psychotropic experience, including alterations in visual or auditory perceptions, accompanied by blissful or unusual physical sensations.

Save 25% on all beeZbee products on November 19th, like pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, skincare and more, and get a 3-pack of Cosmyic Amanita + HHC Gummies for only $6, or a 10-pack of Korthals’ Collection No. 394 Kratom Gummies for $18, regularly $32.

Roll into Monday, November 20th with 25% off all Song Ryder products, including flower, moonrock joints, smoking accessories and more. Plus, pick up some beeZbee CBD Body Butter, or beeZbee CBD Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for 45% off, only $8.

On November 21st take advantage of 25% off deals on all Todd Adams products, and elevate your day with $20 beeZbee THC-O Cartridges. Todd Adams provides premium wellness products, including candies, chocolates, oils and more and may help you feel relaxed, uplifted and ready for the day.

For Green Wednesday, get a head start on Black Friday with the start of our Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal. Plus, when you buy the Song Ryder Excursion E-Rig, you’ll get a FREE Song Ryder Delta-8 THC and THCP Traverse Dablicator, and, when you buy a jar of Song Ryder Flower, you can pick from a Song Ryder Bamboo Grinder, Glass Spoon or Chillum, for FREE!

On Thanksgiving Day, in addition to the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal, get a 5-pack of beeZbee Delta-9 THC Gummies for $10 with any purchase.

On Black Friday, take advantage of Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals on EVERYTHING in-store and online, and relax after a day of shopping with a 5-pack of beeZbee Delta-9 THC Gummies for $10 with any purchase.

Our special Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal carries through the weekend, with high strength beeZbee HHC-O, Delta-8 THC, or Delta-9 THC chocolate bars for only $10 on November 25th, and special deals November 26th with a $10 high strength beeZbee THC-O chocolate bar (online) and $5 Korthal's Collection No. 560 Kratom & Kava Tonics and $7 Single Beverages (in-store only).

Our Black Friday wraps up on Cyber Monday, November 27th with Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals on everything, plus $28 4-packs of Korthal's Collection No. 539 Seltzers and $28 4-pack beeZbee Delta-9 THC Seltzers.

CBD Kratom has you covered all season long.

No matter how you plan to spend your Black Friday, CBD Kratom is here to keep it stress free, all week long. We’ll help you ease into the holiday season with quality products and special savings all week long. Stop by one of our 60+ locations throughout Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, and let our Doyens help you navigate Black Friday and beyond. You can also shop online and schedule some one-on-one time with one of our experts from the comfort of your home.

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