While setting resolutions can sometimes be scary, it might kickstart a self-care routine to help you get more active, improve your focus, relax, or increase your productivity. Just in time for our Countdown to the New Year sale, we’ve rounded up the top customer favorites from 2021 that can help you sleep well, wake well, and live well.

12. beeZbee CBD+THC-O Gummies 

Looking for a product to help reduce pain, promote relaxation, and boost mood? The beeZbee CBD+THC-O Gummies offer a convenient and sweet way to experience these benefits with strong psychotropic properties. Customers familiar with other forms of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), like Delta-8 THC, are excited about THC-O Acetate (THC-O), sometimes referred to as “the spiritual cannabinoid.” These gummies are available in regular and high strength. Learn more about THC-O and its benefits here.

11. beeZbee CBD+CBN+Melatonin zZz Night Gummies

Many of our customers report having issues with sleeplessness or falling/staying asleep. With their blend of CBD, CBN, the “bedtime cannabinoid,” and Melatonin, the zZz Night Gummies will help you shut out the stress of the day, have better quality sleep, and awake refreshed. These vegan and gluten-free gummies are strawberry-flavored and are available in regular strength and extra strength options.

10. Todd Adams Effects Oils: Mood Oil, Pain Oil, Relax Oil, & Sleep Oil

One of the best ways to build positive wellness habits is to begin a daily routine. Long-term incorporation of CBD-based oils in your daily routine may help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and regulate your sleep schedule. The Todd Adams Effects Oils are available in three options for those seeking to address specific wellness concerns: 

1. The specific blend found in the Todd Adams Mood Oil is created with CBD and CBC for individuals seeking benefits like uplifted mood, lowered stress levels, and relaxation.

2. If you struggle with chronic pain, the Todd Adams Pain Oil may help provide relief due to its combination of CBD, CBC, cannabigerol (CBG), and CBN, to help with inflammation, relaxation, sleep, and pain. 

3. Last but not least, the Todd Adams Sleep Oil is a crowd pleaser with its combination of CBD and CBN, and it may help you relax into deeper sleep and wake more refreshed.

9. beeZbee CBD Bath & Body

CBD bath and body products are a customer favorite for supporting skincare and haircare routines. If you’re looking to combat dry hands this winter, try beeZbee CBD Hand and Body Lotion to keep your skin glowing and moisturized. Maintain your shiny and healthy hair with beeZbee Hair Shampoo and beeZbee Hair Conditioner. Need a moment of me-time? After a long day, drop these top-selling beeZbee CBD Bath Bombs into your tub for a more luxurious experience to help melt away your tension. Learn more about CBD’s benefits for your skin in a previous blog post here.

8. Todd Adams Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Cartridge Spirit 

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC) is a cannabinoid with psychotropic properties, meaning it has the ability to alter mood, behavior, and perception. This convenient disposable cartridge harnesses the power of  Delta-8 THC with a unique blend of terpenes to help quickly enhance relaxation, lift your spirit, and find feelings of elevation. Learn more about Delta-8 THC here.

7. beeZbee CBD+Delta-8 THC Caramels 

Indulgent and creamy, beeZbee CBD+Delta-8 THC Caramels are a perfect addition to your self-care routine in the new year. Caramels are a long-time customer favorite and the addition of Delta-8 THC breathes new life into this sweet treat. We invite you to discover the strength and ratio of CBD to Delta-8 THC that is right for you.  There are a total of 6 options of strengths and ratios to choose from, available in packs of 3 caramels or 12 caramels. Visit our FAQs here to learn more about Delta-8 THC.

6. beeZbee CBD+Delta-8 THC Gummies 

These fruity gummies quickly became a customer favorite with their convenient combination of CBD and Delta-8 THC, in a 1:1 ratio. With three delicious flavors available in three different strength options, you’re sure to find your favorite. With 20 gummies per bag, they’re great for sharing and may help with pain relief and enhance full body and mental relaxation. Learn more about Delta-8 THC here.

5. beeZbee Delta-8 THC Cartridges

The beeZbee Delta-8 THC Cartridges were an immediate hit with our customers. We offer 10 different strains in indica, sativa and hybrid options. These cartridges may become your new favorite way to enjoy Delta-8 THC on the go and are compatible with any 510 thread battery. Reach for Mimosa if you’re looking for potential benefits like increasing focus, boosting your mood, and/or reducing anxiety. The Wedding Cake strain has a well-rounded and flavorful mouthfeel, and may help you relax while also providing a boost in mood. And so many more options to explore!  Learn more about Delta-8 THC on our website here.

4. beeZbee Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars 

Your sweet tooth is calling! Chocolate lovers helped land the beeZbee Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars a spot on our 2021 bestsellers list. Perfect for both cannabis-curious and experienced consumers alike, these delicious bars come in easy-to-measure portions and feature potential benefits, like enhanced relaxation, mood boost, and pain relief. With three strengths available in milk or dark chocolate options, you’re sure to find the right treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Learn more about Delta-8 THC here.

3. beeZbee Pre-Roll Hemp Joints

Look no further for fast, effective, and convenient relief. The beeZbee Pre-Roll Hemp Joints are available in a variety of strengths and cannabinoid blends. Check out the CBD Pre-Roll Joints in either 50mg or 100mg as they may help provide feelings of relaxation and relief from pain. Enjoy increased therapeutic benefits in the CBD+CBG Pre-Roll. These pre-rolls come packaged in an airtight pop-top cones, making them convenient for several uses. Last but not least, the beeZbee CBD+Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls offer strong relaxing effects in two different strengths, allowing you to choose the right pre-roll for your needs.

2. Korthal’s Collection Extracts

The new kratom extracts from Korthal’s Collection are ideal for kratom experts. The No 253 Kratom Extract may provide pain relief and mood enhancement, while ​​the No 246 Kratom Extract may provide heightened feelings of relaxation. Wind down with the No 214 Extract, which can help boost feelings of calmness. These extracts give a variety of options for kratom enthusiasts.

1. Korthal's Collection Cold Brew Tea & Seltzers

Kratom beverages were popular in 2021.  Korthal’s Collection No 539 Kratom Seltzer may provide a boost in energy, mood, and focus, with 75mg of mitragynine alkaloids and zero

calories for a guilt-free and refreshing experience. Korthal’s Collection Kratom Cold Brew Tea is available in three kratom strains. Choose the strain that best fits your specific needs, whether you’re looking for help with alleviating pain and stress or finding more balanced energy and serenity. Learn more about mitragynine in our online "What is Kratom?” guide

Reflecting on the past year helps us start the new year right. We hope our list of customer favorites will help you find your new favorite product in 2022. Many customers find personal consultations helpful in determining which product works best for them. Visit us in-store for a personal consultation with our doyens or schedule a virtual consultation appointment online. 

Countdown to the new year with us by shopping our top 12 sellers of 2021 for buy one, get one 50% off.