Falling for the Alpha Tincture

The Korthal’s Collection Alpha Tincture is a water-soluble kratom tincture, perfect for seamlessly adding kratom to your favorite beverages. This tincture is great for individuals seeking to improve focus, relieve pain, boost energy, and uplift mood. If you’re familiar with pre-made beverages like the Korthal’s Collection № 439 Kratom Seltzer, you can create your own custom, kratom-infused beverage with the Alpha Tincture. Whether you are looking for a stronger option or something more mild, you can tailor the serving size and strength of your beverage. 

This water-soluble tincture can be dissolved into any cold beverage like iced coffees or teas, smoothies, or sodas—the possibilities are endless. The kratom in this tincture has been nanoemulsified, meaning it is water-soluble. This process creates fast acting effects as the water-soluble kratom absorbs rapidly into the bloodstream. The nanoemulsified alkaloids, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, in this tincture are sensitive to heat so for the best results, add the Alpha Tincture to cold drinks. It usually takes effect within 15-20 minutes, and the effects will typically last for about three to four hours. Kratom works differently for every individual, so we recommend starting with a smaller serving size to gauge your reaction when using this tincture for the first time. 

Fall Favorites

Pumpkin spice products are lining the aisles of your local grocery store, and now, you can enjoy that iced pumpkin spice latte with the added benefits of kratom. Or maybe you would prefer a little bit of kratom in your morning iced coffee or tea. More of a cider fan? The Alpha Tincture will seamlessly blend into your apple cider beverage, sparkling or not. Sipping a mashup, like cranberry apple cider? Enjoy this fun fall beverage with a serving of kratom for uplifting and energizing effects. If you're a tea lover, try this kratom tincture with an iced chai tea latte or an apple cinnamon cold brew tea. Planning to mix things up with a smoothie as we transition into the fall season? Try adding the Alpha Tincture to a smoothie of your choice or add the tincture in with your favorite flavored water or seltzer. Check out the following three recipes to try with the Alpha Tincture today:

Lime, Kratom-Infused Seltzer Recipe
Cinnamon Apple, Kratom-Infused Smoothie Recipe

Longtime kratom consumers will likely recognize the opportunities to add this tincture with their favorite beverages to change up their tried-and-true orange juice and kratom powder routine. A few drops of the Alpha Tincture also pairs well with small amounts of kratom powder or capsules for an extra boost of benefits. Check out the Korthal’s Collection Alpha Tincture and other specialty kratom products on our website!

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