How to Cook Using CBD

How to Cook Using CBD

One of the most popular methods of taking CBD are edibles like gummies, chocolates, and other candies. Although tasty, consumers with dietary restrictions sometimes find these options limiting and leave them unable to enjoy CBD as an ingestible. As an alternative, individuals can use CBD products like tinctures, CBD hemp flower, and CBD isolate to add CBD directly to their food and incorporate daily use easily and efficiently. 

Cooking with CBD is simple and can help you personalize your food options to your specific needs and wants. There are a variety of ways to cook with CBD. When using a tincture or a pre-infused oil like the beeZbee CBD Olive Oil, you don’t have to worry about any extra steps and can add your desired dose directly to any marinade, batter, or mix.

Some consumers like to have more freedom in their CBD dosing as well as the freedom to choose their butter and oil alternatives based on dietary needs. You can create your own infusion with a fatty based oil or butter by using CBD hemp flower or isolated powder. For your oil base, any fatty oils like coconut and olive oil or even butter are perfect to act as a carrier for your CBD. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when creating your own oil or butter. 

  • Activate CBD with heat
  •  First you want to check if you are using raw products. Some CBD products like hemp flower or isolate should be heated before using in food to receive the full benefits of the product. This process is called decarboxylation, which is exposing raw CBD to heat to activate the cannabinoids, increase bioavailability, and retain more terpenes. It’s important to heat your CBD at a low temperature and to not overcook the isolate powder or hemp flower. For decarboxylation, it is recommended to heat the hemp flower or isolate powder for 30 - 45 minutes at a temperature of 250 Fahrenheit.

  • Prepare your dosing portions
  • The most difficult part about creating your own oil or butter with CBD is ensuring a consistent dose in each serving. When making your own infusion, a good recommendation is to use 3 - 4 grams of hemp flower per stick of butter. The average CBD hemp flower strain has about 100mg per gram of flower.  Each stick of butter will contain 300mg - 400mg of CBD. Since isolate powder is concentrated, you only need .3g - .4g for the same dose per stick of butter. For detailed instructions, check out our CBD Infused Butter recipe in our blog. 

    When adding CBD to your food, it is always best to start small and increase as you become more familiar with your CBD dosing. Once you get the basics of cooking with CBD, the possibilities are endless in how you can add CBD to your food. Using CBD in your food is a wellness boost anyone can appreciate. Visit our blog for more products you can add to your recipes and order at and receive free shipping on orders of $35.  For any questions, click here to schedule one-on-one product assistance with dedicated CBD experts. 

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