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Managing Your Wellness During COVID-19

There are many challenges people are facing today, especially with the worries of COVID-19, but managing your wellness shouldn’t be one of them. Du...
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There are many challenges people are facing today, especially with the worries of COVID-19, but managing your wellness shouldn’t be one of them. During a stressful time, self-care can fall to the wayside, but it’s important to remember self-care is crucial for your overall wellness. There isn’t just one aspect of wellness, but instead many different aspects that can overlap and interact with each other. Now more than ever, being proactive about your health is important and beneficial to keep track of how your body and mind is doing while at home. Here’s how to stay conscious about your wellness while you are at home.  

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the state of being where the body is working at the best level physically, mentally, and socially. Achieving wellness is an active process and takes dedication. The best way to work towards better well-being is to understand your body’s needs and make changes to grow. 

Why Wellness Matters?

Judging and adjusting your wellness is the perfect way to achieve a higher quality life. Each component affects and is affected by one another and it is important to manage each category individually to be better as a whole. Therefore, it is important to care for your mental and physical health to achieve optimal wellness. In order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness, and ensure positive interactions.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is being able to get the most out of daily activities without fatigue or physical stress. Maintaining habits like balanced diet, physical activity, adequate sleep, and routine check-ins with the doctors. While at home, unbalanced eating and drinking can have negative consequences on your energy. Creating a regular exercise routine and incorporating healthy food is the best way to maintain and boost your physical wellness. If getting up and moving is hard, try the beeZbee Terpene Tincture Lemon Haze to boost your energy and assist with any daily aches and pains. 

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is also an important aspect of maintaining your well-being. Emotional wellness allows you to review your feelings, understand why you feel the way you feel, and decide on the best action to handle your feelings. Emotional awareness incorporates self-care, stress reduction, and building healthy relationships. There are a few strategies to practice emotional wellness. Practice emotional mindfulness through meditation and reflection. A good way to get into a routine is journaling. If you find it hard to relax and reduce your stress on your own, try a Todd Adams Peppermint Tincture to help reduce stress and increase relaxation. 

Tips for Adding CBD to your Wellness Routine

CBD is easy to add to your daily routine and is the perfect way to assist with physical, emotional, and social wellness. One of the most popular methods is a tincture. Tinctures are drops of CBD that you put under your tongue. The general rule is 1-2mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight, but we always suggest you talk with your medical professional before adding any supplement to your daily routine. For more products, visit to see our full collection of products.