It’s 420 Somewhere

It’s 420 Somewhere

Did you know that 420 is an official holiday in the cannabis industry? It’s also our favorite day and we're celebrating with the largest sale of the year. From April 15-20, all products are “buy 2, get 1 free” along with special 420 pricing on top-selling products. Shop your favorite cannabinoid combos and experience the entourage effect* for yourself.

beeZbee Terp Pops

These lollipops contain 10mg of CBD each (40mg per bag) and are available in six different terpene profiles. Terpenes provide plants with their scent, flavor, and effects. Research suggests terpenes may also offer benefits and provide different effects based on their “profile” and the cannabinoids they are used with. 

beeZbee 50mg Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (CBD, CBG, CBD+CBG)

The new beeZbee Pre-Roll Hemp Joints are available in two strengths (low and high) of full spectrum CBD, CBG and CBD+CBG blends. These pre-rolls have a full profile of compounds and cannabinoids that help maximize the benefits of the entourage effect. The pre-rolls are a convenient option for those looking for boosts in relaxation and mood as well as relief from pain and nausea. 

Todd Adams Effects Oils

The Todd Adams Effects Oils combine CBD with other cannabinoids and unique terpene blends to maximize the products’ therapeutic effects. Each Oil contains a 10:1 ratio of full spectrum CBD to CBC, CBG or CBN and customers can choose from regular or extra strength. 

Mood Oil: The “Mood” blend is ideal for those looking for relaxation paired with stress relief and a mood boost. 

Pain Oil: This unique blend of CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN work together to help provide relief from discomfort, inflammation and pain. 

Relax Oil: The “Relax” blend is ideal for those looking for stress relief and full body relaxation. 

Sleep Oil: The “Sleep” blend may help provide relaxation, and aid in falling and staying asleep. 

These products feature a varied and full compound profile specially formulated to maximize the potential “entourage effect.” While just one of these products may provide the effects you are looking for, using multiple together might enhance and alter the overall effects you experience. Shop all 420 deals now:

*To learn more about the “entourage effect” as well as the different cannabinoids, read our recent article. 

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