Kratom Veins and Uses

Kratom, like CBD, can be used for a multitude of concerns and can get confusing if you don’t know where to start. Kratom is available in a variety of strains and its leaves contain alkaloids that are linked to helping relieve pain, increasing energy, reducing anxiety and stress, and also boosting mood. Here is a breakdown of the different uses for Kratom to help you on your wellness journey.

What is Kratom?
Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, has been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia for its therapeutic properties. With increasing research, the tropical coffee family plant has become more popular in the United States in the last 10 years. Kratom’s leaves are full of alkaloids, or chemical compounds that have the ability to help with pain, energy, stress, and mood. Kratom is separated by the vein color of the leaves into red, green, white, or yellow strains. Each strain produces different effects, some of which are more beneficial for wellness than others. Kratom is typically available in powder, capsules, extracts, edibles, and tea.

Red Vein
Red Kratom strains are typically the most popular because of their sedative effects. Red strains are known for their full-body relaxation and pain relief. Most consumers enjoy taking a red strain of Kratom during the day to help with pain, or even after work to help achieve relaxation and relieve restlessness. Red Maeng Da is a strain best known for its pain relief and is great for those who want a middle ground red strain that they can use for pain day and night.

Green Vein
Green Kratom strains are perfect for those looking for increased energy. Green strains are generally used more during the day due to their energy-boosting qualities and ability to provide alertness and focus. Green strains are also good for those looking for a mood boost. Green Sumatra is a balance of focused energy coupled with relaxation, making this strain perfect for those who need a boost of energy to get through work while reducing the stress of any pressing tasks.

White Vein
White Kratom strains are less potent in helping with the pain but are perfect for physical and mental relaxation. White strains are similar to green strains, however, they are not as energizing but are a great option for those looking to boost their mood. White Indo provides relaxation without making you drowsy and is the perfect mood booster for socializing or getting through the day.

Yellow Strains 
When you think of yellow strains, think mellow! Yellow Kratom strains are fermented in a special process and are similar to red strains, but provide a higher boost in mood. Yellow strains are perfect in the morning to get you through the day with a positive outlook. Yellow Borneo provides clear-minded energy and a good uplift in the mood while providing full-body calming properties.

Finding the right strain of Kratom that works with your body shouldn’t be stressful. At CBD Kratom, we carry over 50 strains of pure, sourced Kratom in pre-packaged powder, capsules, liquid concentrated extracts, and Kratom edibles. If you still have questions about Kratom, our dedicated associates are available for one on one assistance. For additional guidance and information on our strains, view our Kratom menu, or to purchase, visit

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