Products We love: Song Ryder Excursion E-rig

Products We love: Song Ryder Excursion E-rig

We love our concentrates at CBD Kratom. We do not, however, love the extra work and mess involved with a traditional dab rig. But with the Song Ryder Excursion E-rig, we can ditch the torch, and all the extra work involved, so we can just enjoy our dab.


Heat things up with a simple push of the button.

Save the torch for your creme brûlée. The Excursion heats up electronically, with no exterior flames needed for a safer, cleaner, easier hit, every time. With just a few pushes of a button, the e-rig automatically heats to your pre-set temperature. You’ll never need to refill a torch again.

Easy to use, easy to maintain.

One button controls everything. Turning it on and off, changing the temperature, and heating up the rig are all as simple as a press of the button. The Song Ryder Excursion is also easy to keep clean between uses. The atomizer disassembles for quick and easy maintenance ensuring good, clean hits every time you use it.


More than your average concentrate.

You can do more than just dab traditional concentrates. The Song Ryder Excursion also works with Song Ryder diamonds and hash. And when you do want a good old fashioned dab, the Song Ryder Traverse Dablicator is the perfect match for the Excursion with no muss, no fuss dispensing.


Lose yourself in the song, find yourself along the way.

Song Ryder has a full line of great products, as well as the tools to enjoy them with ease. Check out the full line of smoking accessories, and find a better way to smoke, dab and chill.


Let CBD Kratom Be Your Guide.

Stop by any of our locations to learn more about Song Ryder’s line of electronic smoking devices, as well as concentrates, flower, and more. Or shop online and have it delivered to your door.

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