As you prepare for summer festivities and cookouts, remember pets might be feeling the heat this season. These treats may help your pets enter into a summer pawadise! Find your pet’s favorite treat to help them keep calm while you're on the go. Whether your main concern is the summer heat or the booming fireworks, whip your pet up a frozen treat infused with cannabidiol (CBD). With these DIY recipes, you can help your pets chill out and beat the summer heat! Soak up the sun with your pets this summer by stocking up on the CBD Pet Products to help your furry friend find their summer pawadise.

Dog Days of Summer! Rufus, the dog, begging for frozen bone treats.

Avoid the Furry Frenzy with CBD
For your pets, summer fireworks are often a more intense experience especially with their keen senses. These explosions of color in the sky are sudden and unpredictable, so pets, like us, will often react with a startle response. Your pets may experience fear-related anxiety from these triggers and separation anxiety when you leave to attend summer festivities or take a short vacation. Many pet parents find CBD helpful in managing their furry friends' stress levels. Learn more about CBD’s benefits for your pets in our blog, Pets Can Take CBD, Too.

CBD is a great tool to help your pets keep those tails wagging. Before giving your pet CBD, we recommend discussing additions or changes to your pet’s diet with your veterinarian. If you haven’t given your dog or cat CBD before, you may want to give it a test run to see how your pet reacts. As a pet parent, you know your pet best, so you can monitor your pet’s response to CBD and make adjustments as needed. For specific scenarios, like visiting the groomer for a summer haircut, your pet may benefit from using CBD 30 minutes to an hour before the situation. If you find CBD helpful for your pet, you may consider Starting a CBD Routine for Your Pet, like transitioning your dog’s food to CHEMDAWG’S CBD Premium Adult Dog Food which may contribute to their overall wellness.

Jax, the cat, enjoying our festive frozen treats!
Unleash the Treats On the Go
If you're planning an Independence Day getaway with your pet or just attending a summer event with your furry friends, you might be looking for an on-the-go treat to help endure a long car ride or brave the crowds. Grab Todd Adams CBD Pet Treats in cheese or bacon flavor to give your pet when you’re on the move. Does your pup love pepperoni? Then, the beeZbee CBD Happy Bites might be the right fit for fido. Or add the CHEMDAWG’S Calm-Ageddon Pet Tincture to a spoonful of peanut butter to help your dog prepare for the summer festivities before you leave home. If you’re planning to leave your cat at home to enjoy a summer cookout, pick up beeZbee CBD Purrfect Bites as a special treat before you head out for the day. Whatever your plans, you’re sure to find the treat or tincture to help keep your pets calm and happy.

Chill Out With These DIY Treats

As the summer heat continues and the fireworks shoot across the sky, you are likely looking for solutions to help your pets keep cool–in more ways than one. During the Fourth of July weekend, consider giving your pets CBD before noon and continue to supplement with another serving every four to six hours each day to ensure your pets are prepared for any unexpected booms. Check out the following recipes for frozen treats infused with CBD to help your pets enter into their very own summer pawadise:

  • Frozen Yogurt & Peanut Butter CBD Treats
  • Frozen & Festive Yogurt CBD Treats  
  • CBD Bully Stick Pupsicle

We recommend discussing any additions or changes to your pet’s diet with your veterinarian. These tail-waggingly tasty treats are great for dogs. The Frozen & Festive Yogurt CBD Pet Treats recipe is a drool-worthy treat for both dogs and cats. While peanut butter and bully sticks are not hazardous for cats to consume, it is usually not recommended in large amounts and some ingredients may not be safe for all cat diets. Using larger amounts of the pet tincture may produce changes in consistency to frozen treats. Shop the products used in these recipes: CHEMDAWG’S Calm-Ageddon CBD Pet Tincture, beeZbee CBD Pet Tinctures, 100mg CBD (higher strength options–250mg CBD, 550 mgCBD, or 1200mg CBD), and Hemp Farm CBD Bully Stick. Any recipe using a pet tincture can use either CHEMDAWG’S Calm-Ageddon CBD Pet Tincture or beeZbee CBD Pet Tinctures.

Wherever your celebrations take you this summer, make sure you are prepared to help your pets keep cool with these drool-worthy treats. Find the pet treats, tinctures, and food that are sure to please when you shop our wide selection of CBD Pet Products. Enjoy all the summer fun with your furry friends!