Top 10 of 2020: beeZbee CBD Bath Bombs

Top 10 of 2020: beeZbee CBD Bath Bombs

Enjoying a hot bath is not only the perfect way to relax, but it also might be good for your health. A new study published in the journal Heart has found that hot baths may help lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and hypertension. Add CBD to the mix and you have an unbeatable relaxation combination. The beeZbee CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect way to introduce CBD to your bathing experience. 

Each of these aromatic bath bombs contain CBD isolate in combination with other essential oils that aid in relaxation by reducing stress and pain. The CBD in bath bombs is considered topical use, meaning the compound is absorbed through the pores of the skin. The heat of the bath water enhances this effect causing blood vessels in the skin to dilate, allowing the CBD to penetrate deeper resulting in moisturized skin and decreased inflammation and pain. 

The beeZbee Bath Bombs contain 100mg of CBD each and come in 11 different scents including Strawberry Champagne, Lavender Fields, Spring Rain and Seductive Vanilla. 

After the bath, complete your relaxation regiment by adding the beeZbee Body Lotion or beeZbee Body Butter to your routine to help lock in moisture and maximize potential benefits by aiding in everyday pain and dry skin relief as well as reduce acne causing bacteria and protect skin from UV rays. 

Along with the beeZbee line, CBD Kratom carries a variety of lush CBD bath and body products that help customers put self care and indulgence first. For more information and a full list of all the bath products we carry, visit

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