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What are Terpenes and What Do They Do?

As more research around the effects of cannabis is discovered, scientists are also learning more about compounds called terpenes. You probably enco...

As more research around the effects of cannabis is discovered, scientists are also learning more about compounds called terpenes. You probably encounter terpenes on a daily basis as they are naturally occurring in almost all plants. Terpenes are partly responsible for the calming effects of lavender and the energizing effects in coffee. A single plant can contain over 100 different terpenes and each plant has a specific combination of terpenes. But what exactly are they?

What are terpenes?
Terpenes are a concentrated form of aromatic oils that are found in plants and are responsible for the way plants taste, smell, and the effects the plant gives off when used in products like teas, supplements, and skin products. Terpenes generally are categorized by four flavor profiles - bitter, sweet, sour, and spicy. For example, citrus fruits like lemon and oranges are classified as sour because of the terpene blend. Terpenes are known for their entourage effect, meaning their ability to help enhance the effects of the component it's paired with, in this case, we will talk about CBD. Cannabis is one of the many plants that has naturally occurring terpenes that customers enjoy to help with anxiety, stress, pain, mood, sleep, and other common ailments. 

How are they used?
Terpenes can be used in a variety of ways when diluted. They can be mixed with a topical product to enhance its effects and smell, or if it is a food grade terpene blend, they can be added to any food or beverage. Terpenes are generally highly concentrated, so less is more when incorporating them into your routine. Most customers find that terpenes are most beneficial for them when they are looking for a CBD product to help boost mood and reduce anxiety. 

What terpene product is best for me?
It's important to find a terpene blend that will fit your physical and mental needs. At CBD Kratom, we have CBD terpene products available in tinctures, edibles, and vape cartridges. 

Todd Adams Vape Cartridges
For a terpene experience in vape form, try the Todd Adams Vape Cartridges. Each cartridge contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD and is blended specifically for any social situation. The Todd Adams Vape Cartridges are available in six terpene blends - Curb, Power, Relief, Sense, Sleep, and Social. 

beeZbee Terp Pops 40mg
For something sweet, try the beeZbee CBD Terp Pops 4 Pack. Each pack contains four terpene-infused lollipops with 10mg of CBD isolate in each. beeZbee Terp Pops are available in six flavors - AK-47, Berry Dream, Grape Escape, Lemon Diesel, Orange Crush, and Strawberry Haze. See guide to Terp Pop terpene effects here. 

beeZbee Terpene Tincture
To have more control over your dose, try the beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures, the perfect addition to your daily routine. beeZbee Terpene Tinctures are available in six strains - Afgoo Blueberry, Gelato, Grape Ape, Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, and Sour Diesel. Whether you are looking for a boost in mood or wanting to wind down for the night, there is a terpene tincture that is sure to please even the most advanced CBD user. 

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