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What is Dab Sauce: Understanding What Makes this Concentrate Special

As dabbing continues to surge in popularity, more types of concentrate are available, providing cannabis enthusiasts plenty of options to find the ...
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As dabbing continues to surge in popularity, more types of concentrate are available, providing cannabis enthusiasts plenty of options to find the right way to dab. Among the various forms of concentrates is dab sauce, which is gaining attention for its potent and flavorful experience. This concentrated form of hemp extract offers a unique way to consume cannabinoids and terpenes.


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What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the vaporization of cannabis extracts, commonly known as concentrates. Also known as dabs, concentrates are products derived by extracting essential oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Dabs offer a concentrated form of the plant's active compounds (typically around 70% and above). These extracts are typically high in THC or CBD and are heated on a hot surface before being inhaled.

What Is Dab Sauce?

Dab sauce is a concentrated form of hemp extract that is typically used for vaporizing. It is made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp plants and then mixing them with a carrier oil or solvent. The resulting concentrate has a slightly more pliable consistency and is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, offering a potent and flavorful experience.

How Is Dab Sauce Made?

The process of making dab sauce involves several steps, including extraction, winterization, and mixing with a carrier oil or solvent.

Extraction: The first step in making dab sauce is extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. This can be done using various methods, such as CO2 extraction or solvent extraction. CO2 extraction is considered a clean and efficient method that preserves the integrity of the plant compounds.

Winterization: After extraction, the hemp extract undergoes a process called winterization. This involves mixing the extract with a solvent, such as ethanol, and freezing it to separate unwanted plant waxes and lipids. Winterization helps refine the extract, resulting in a purer and more potent product.

Mixing with Carrier Oil or Solvent: Once the extract is winterized, it is mixed with a carrier oil or solvent to achieve the desired consistency. A common carrier oil used in dab sauce is hemp seed oil. The carrier oil helps to dilute the concentrated extract and make it easier to handle and consume.


beeZbee dab Sauce

Benefits of Dab Sauce

Dab sauce offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. Some of the key benefits include:

Potency: Dab sauce is highly concentrated, containing a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. This potency allows for a potentially more intense and immediate effect compared to other forms of hemp consumption. It is particularly appealing to those seeking fast-acting relief or a stronger experience.

Flavor and Aroma: Dab sauce retains the natural flavors and aromas of the hemp plant. The terpenes present in the sauce contribute to its distinct taste and scent, ranging from fruity and citrusy to earthy and piney. This flavorful experience adds to the enjoyment of dabbing hemp extract.

Versatility: Dab sauce can be used in various ways, offering versatility in consumption. It can be dabbed using an E-Rig, providing a concentrated and flavorful vapor, or mixed with other products, such as topicals or edibles, to enhance their effects.

Shopping for the Right Dab Sauce

When shopping for hemp dab sauce, consider the following tips to find the right product for your needs:

Consider Terpene Profiles: Different hemp strains have distinct terpene profiles, which contribute to their unique flavors and effects. Consider the terpene profile of the dab sauce and choose one that aligns with your preferences and desired effects.

Start with Lower Potency: If you are new to dabbing or have a low tolerance, start with a lower potency dab sauce. This allows you to gauge your tolerance and gradually increase the potency as needed.

Read Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and seek recommendations from trusted sources or fellow cannabis enthusiasts. This can provide insights into the quality, flavor, and effects of different dab sauces.

Shop at a Trusted Source: It's important to purchase dab sauce and other concentrates from reputable sources, like CBD Kratom. Look for products that have been tested for potency and contaminants.


beeZbee Dab Sauce

CBD Kratom has the Sauce

Whether you're seeking potency, flavor, or versatility, dab sauce provides a satisfying and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Visit us at any of our 60+ locations to learn more about our beeZbee Dab Sauce, and all of our concentrates.