Kratom In Your Daily Routine

Kratom In Your Daily Routine

Our customers have found a wide range of ways to use our kratom products to optimize their day. With our selection of kratom capsules, powders, gummies, extracts, and beverages, you may find the benefits of kratom helpful for your specific needs. Depending on the vein and serving size, kratom may help with boosting mood, managing pain, reducing stress, increasing focus, and/or producing relaxation. You may find kratom an effective tool for making the most of your busy days. 

Put a Pep in Your Step

Mornings are often a scramble of trying to fit in a workout, preparing lunches, and rushing out the door. You may find green or white vein kratom helpful in the mornings to give you a much-needed boost as you prepare for your day. Consumers typically find green vein kratom strains helpful in providing energizing effects, stress relief, mood boosts, and clear-minded focus. Many consumers use smaller servings of kratom when looking for more energizing effects while larger servings may provide more relaxing, calming effects. Strains like Green Borneo, Green Dragon, or Green Sumatra may be good choices for your morning routine with capsules or powder options. You may also find your morning pick-me-up with Korthals' Collection Alpha Tincture. This water-soluble tincture blends seamlessly with your favorite, chilled morning beverage to help uplift your mood, increase your focus, and pump up your morning energy. Many customers enjoy the Korthals' Collection Kratom No 214 Extract to provide calming effects while also enhancing focus and mood. This extract may help with calming morning stress or worries to focus on your day’s priorities. The Korthals' Collection No 395 Kratom Chocolate Bar may be the afternoon pick-me-up to overcome your afternoon slump. This kratom chocolate bar may boost energy, uplift mood, and provide pain relief. Break off a serving to help maintain your productivity for the day and maybe even find some relief for that stiff neck or back.  

Power Through Your Workout

If you are trying to form an exercise habit, your motivation and mood play into following through with a new fitness routine. Whether you are fitting in a workout in the morning or after work, your focus and energy may be lacking at the start or end of your day. Kratom may provide focus and motivation to power through your exercise routine. These Korthals' Collection No 315 Kratom Gummies may give you an encouraging boost to mood and increase your energy levels, so you can break through the sluggish feelings that may be preventing you from hitting the gym. With kratom edibles, you should plan to take a serving about 30-60 minutes before you anticipate needing an extra energy boost. The White Borneo strain in capsules or powder may provide a good fit as a pre-workout option. This strain may provide pain relief, boost your mood, reduce stress, and increase motivation. You will want to take the kratom powder or capsules about 30-60 minutes before you plan to exercise to ensure the effects set in before your workout. Already planning a pre-workout snack? Try mixing some kratom powder into your Greek yogurt or stirring it into a protein-packed smoothie. For faster-acting effects, kratom extracts, like the Korthals' Collection Kratom No 253 Extract, may help you feel a boost in energy and mood within 15-20 minutes. The Korthals' Collection No 546 Kratom Elixir is another convenient option for a pre-workout boost. Kratom’s pain-relieving properties may help with muscle or joint soreness between workouts. The Korthals' Collection Cold Brew Teas are a grab-and-go hydration option which may ease pain, so you can continue your cardio.      

“I have spent more money than I like to admit on every kind of pre-workout formula made. Nothing comes close to Kratom, especially the Korthals' 546 Elixir. The energy is amazing. But what blows me away is what it does to my focus for the entire day. No crashing, no nothing. Perfect.” ~ Zac L., CBD Kratom Team Member

Unwind with Relaxation & Relief

Kratom may also support the end of your day. After the stressful work day, it can be hard to unwind and relax as the week’s worries swirl through your thoughts. Red vein kratom strains are popular for individuals seeking physical comfort, full body tranquility, relaxation, and pain relief. We carry strains like Red Sumatra, Red Borneo, and Red Dampar in capsules or powder, and these strains may help to ease stress and tension, so you can relax in the evenings before bed. You may also find the Korthals' Collection No 214 Kratom Extract a great option to potentially provide calming effects paired with enhanced focus and mood. This kratom extract may help reduce stress after work while also uplifting mood and boosting focus as you finish up errands or other tasks. Whether you experience muscle pain from consistent or intense workouts or you deal with chronic pain from inflammatory conditions, pain may be another factor disrupting your evenings. For many people, pain can worsen at night and might even keep them from achieving restful sleep. In a survey from John Hopkins Medicine, 91% of kratom consumers reported using the herbal supplement for pain relief. For many kratom enthusiasts, kratom is essential to their nightly routines as many experience pain-relieving qualities and full body relaxation to improve the quality of their sleep. Experiencing more restorative sleep leads to feeling more refreshed and ready to take on your day. 

“At nighttime, I like to take Red Dampar or any red vein of kratom to help myself relax before bed, and keep myself asleep throughout the night.” ~CBD Kratom Team Member

Kratom works differently for everyone, and it may also fit into your day in different ways. Many consumers find kratom helpful in supporting their everyday routines with potential energy boosts, increased focus or motivation, pain relief, and/or relaxation. Wherever you find kratom fitting into your lifestyle, this herbal supplement may help you be at your best everyday.   

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