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Find Your Fit: Ways to Enjoy Kratom

The crushed leaves and extracts from the tropical evergreen tree known as kratom or mitragyna speciosa have many potential benefits, like providing...
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The crushed leaves and extracts from the tropical evergreen tree known as kratom or mitragyna speciosa have many potential benefits, like providing energizing effects, easing stress, boosting mood, and creating feelings of relaxation. While kratom leaves are traditionally chewed raw or brewed into tea, today, kratom can be found in powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures, beverages, and edibles. These different ways to enjoy kratom all have their own unique benefits when you integrate them into your wellness routine.

What Are the Different Ways To Enjoy Kratom?

Kratom is available in several forms including powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures, beverages, and edibles. Kratom has an earthy, bitter taste, so many kratom enthusiasts find ways to cover the taste. Whether you opt to mix kratom powder in a citrus beverage, take a kratom capsule, add an extract or tincture into your favorite drinks, or grab a pre-made kratom edible or beverage, you are sure to find a way to enjoy kratom that works best for achieving your desired effects. Before introducing kratom into your routine, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional.

Powders and Capsules

After kratom leaves are harvested and undergo a drying or curing process, they are ground into a fine powder with a flour-like texture. Kratom powder or powder-filled capsules are popular methods for enjoying the effects of kratom. If you’re new to kratom powder or capsules, we recommend starting with a low serving size of 2-3g of powder or 4-6 capsules to determine your response and adjust serving if needed to achieve your desired effects. 

Many kratom consumers employ the toss and wash method, tossing a measured amount of kratom powder into your mouth and washing it down quickly with a non-carbonated beverage. Typically, citrus beverages like orange juice are used to both mask the kratom powder’s bitter taste and act as a potentiator, meaning it may increase the potency of your kratom serving. The citric acid from citrus fruits and juices may help pull out kratom alkaloids to give your body greater access to these active compounds. This is why many pre-made, kratom beverages feature lemon flavoring, like Korthals' Collection Cold Brew Teas. If the toss and wash method is not as palatable and you prefer to avoid the earthy taste altogether, kratom capsules followed by orange juice may be the right fit for you to experience kratom’s benefits. 

When you begin integrating kratom into your wellness routine, kratom powder or capsules offer an easy way to learn how your body responds to kratom’s effects. Kratom powder typically takes effect within 30-45 minutes and kratom capsules usually take effect within 45 minutes to an hour. These effects usually last anywhere between six and eight hours. Kratom powder and capsules are great options for beginners and experts alike with easily adjustable serving sizes. Kratom powder can be mixed into your favorite foods and beverages. Enthusiasts mix kratom powder into everything from yogurt to smoothies to salad dressings and much more. Kratom capsules are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of kratom while avoiding the earthly, bitter taste and skipping the step of measuring out the kratom powder. Shop kratom powders and kratom capsules today.

Extracts and Tinctures

Kratom extracts and tinctures are liquid forms with more potency than kratom powder due to their extraction processes resulting in concentrated alkaloid content. On average, kratom extracts contain approximately 10-15 times the alkaloids present in kratom powder. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may find kratom extract or tinctures easier on your stomach than kratom powder. For many consumers, the kratom extracts and tinctures are much easier to mix into beverages, especially with products like the water-soluble Korthals' Collection Alpha Tincture which seamlessly blends into your favorite beverage. To learn more about this tincture and recipes to unlock its possibilities, read more in our Falling for the Alpha Tincture blog. 

If you plan to start your kratom journey with extracts or tinctures, we recommend a low serving with a few drops in your preferred beverage to better understand how your body responds to the benefits of kratom. Extracts and tinctures offer a stronger option for many kratom consumers, so it is important to understand these concentrated forms may affect you differently from kratom powders or capsules. Longtime kratom customers may find kratom extracts helpful for boosting the effects of their go-to kratom strain by reducing their serving of kratom powder or capsules and adding a half-full or full dropper of kratom extract to their kratom serving. 

The droppers in Korthals' Collection Kratom Extracts are great for individuals interested in microdosing with kratom by taking very small amounts of kratom throughout your day. To microdose with kratom extracts, we suggest adding a few drops or a half-full dropper of the extract to your preferred beverage every one to two hours to split your typical serving into multiple, smaller servings during the day. Microdosing with kratom extracts may help you to feel benefits like pain relief, mood boosts, and focus, throughout the day. Extracts and tinctures will typically take effect within 15-20 minutes with the effects lasting between three and four hours. 

Beverages and Edibles

Kratom beverages and edibles are typically made using concentrated kratom extract. Many consumers like pre-made beverages and edibles infused with kratom extract as a convenient way to enjoy the effects of kratom on the go or to boost effects of kratom powder. Korthals' Collection Kratom Seltzers and Cold Brew Teas both have lemon flavoring to help boost the effects of the kratom infused in these beverages, and these products are a great grab-and-go option for customers. These pre-made kratom beverages are also fast-acting, and like kratom extracts, beverages usually take within 15-20 minutes. Kratom beverages may give you a new way to experience kratom’s benefits. 

Kratom edibles, like Korthals' Collection Kratom Chocolate Bars and Kratom Gummies, are another convenient way to offset some of that earthy kratom taste with an easily portioned treat. Many customers enjoy kratom edibles as a sweeter way to experience kratom’s benefits. These innovative kratom edibles may provide pain relief, mood boosts, and focused energy. Some kratom consumers also find kratom edibles are an easy way to supplement the effects of kratom extracts or powders. Kratom edibles usually produce effects within 30 minutes to an hour, and like powder or capsules, these effects typically last between six and eight hours.

Finding the right kratom product will depend largely on your needs, wants, and preferences. The potential benefits of kratom, like relaxation, energy, and pain relief, may be a great addition to your wellness routine. Many customers find personal consultations helpful in determining which strain and method of delivery works best for them. Visit us in-store for a personal consultation with our doyens. 

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