Top 3 Products to Microdose

Top 3 Products to Microdose

Microdosing has been gaining more attention across the country as an approach to daily wellness. Many are adding it to their routine, allowing potential therapeutic benefits without losing a step in their day. Microdosing involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses of a substance, like cannabis, kratom or amanita to achieve more subtle effects than a full dose would normally provide.

Looking to Add Microdosing to Your Daily Routine? CBD Kratom Has You Covered.

The High Confectionary Uplift Gummies

The High Confectionary Uplift gummies- These Gummies have just 1mg of THC and 1mg of CBD per gummy, to provide a low-dose, snackable approach to wellness. Made from full-spectrum, live resin extracted from organic hemp flower, these all natural, vegan gummies may provide an uplifting feeling of bliss. Choose from two delicious flavors, peach or watermelon.

Cosmyic Amanita Capsules

Cosmyic Amanita Capsules- Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have been used in different parts of the world for hundreds, upon hundreds of years. Users of Amanita in lower doses have reported feeling invigorated, elated, and euphoric, while at larger doses, users may feel a more psychotropic experience. Cosmyic Amanita Capsules are a great way to control your portion size, and augment your routine.

Korthals' Collection No. 246 Kratom Extract

Korthals’ Collection No. 246 Kratom Extract- Native to Southeast Asia, and found within the same family as the coffee plant, many fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes have added kratom to their daily routines, as it may provide a boost of energy and focus, and potentially help relieve chronic pain. In smaller doses, it may also help provide an extra pep in your day, so you can tackle any project with gusto. Korthals' Collection No 246 Kratom Extract contains a total of 100mg mitragynine in each 15ml bottle and comes with a dropper for more control over how much (or little) you want to take.

CBD Kratom is Your Microdosing Source

Are you ready to add microdosing to your daily routine? Stop by one of our 60+ locations throughout Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, and let our Doyens help you find the perfect products for microdosing. You can also shop online and schedule some one-on-one time with one of our experts from the comfort of your home.

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