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Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia Wellness Under The Stars Gummies

Jerry Garcia Wellness Under The Stars Gummies

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CBD Kratom is now the exclusive retailer of the brand new Jerry Garcia Wellness line of products! Known as the founder of The Grateful Dead and a staunch supporter of the legalization of cannabis, Jerry Garcia’s iconic name carries through to this brand of inspired products.

Jerry Garcia Wellness Under The Stars Gummies are Egyptian grape & lavender flavored, and feature 25mg CBD + 5mg Delta-9 THC in each rose-shaped gummy. Designed to help boost restorative sleep, these gummies are crafted with calming ingredients like reishi, passionflower, Delta-9 THC, and CBD. These gummies are not just a product; they are an ally in your wellness journey, transforming your nights into peaceful rest and your days into vibrant living. There are 15 gummies in each eco-friendly, plastic-free container.

Active Ingredients:
CBD: Reduces inflammation and relieves bodily tension and discomfort, promoting rest.
Reishi Extract: Infused with triterpene, promoting relaxation and improved sleep quality.
Passionflower: A natural calming herbal ingredient that fosters a state of calm and relaxation.
Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC: A natural sedative with properties to promote relaxation and rest.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: All Jerry Garcia Wellness products feature petroleum and plastic-free packaging, underscoring the brand’s commitment to nurturing the environment while enhancing your lifestyle.

Instructions: For best results, take 1-2 gummies nightly. This product may induce drowsiness and impair ability to drive or operate machinery.
Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup, Fruit Pectin, Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring, Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Blend, Organic Reishi Extract, Organic Passionflower Extract, Dextrose, Baking Soda, Palm Kernel Oil.

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