Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Mother of All Gift Guides

Moms come in many forms — They’re teachers, and caretakers, nurses and protectors. A guiding light, a warm embrace, and so much more. Mothers carry the weight, and dream for us.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. While they deserve more than just a day, it’s still the perfect chance to show them you care, and help them relax and enjoy a little time for themselves. CBD Kratom is here to help you find the mother of all gifts for the mom in your life. 

Because moms come in many forms, we have all kinds of ideas to help yours relax, smile, and feel the love.

And if you're a mom, we’re here to help you treat yourself. Because you deserve it.

For Moms Who Want to Unwind

Sometimes moms have to carry a lot of weight on their backs. Help them relax and unwind after a busy day with great infused bath and body products.

For Moms Who Microdose

Some people are looking for something a little more subtle to provide a boost in mind and spirit that they can control all day long. For your favorite microdosing mamma, take a look at our edibles to give them more control over their intake.

For Moms Who Want to Giggle

Some moms prefer a bouquet of roses or lillies on Mother’s Day, but others prefer a different kind of flower. Give mom the gift of the giggles this year with pre-rolls and flower and even something nice to put it in, with our selection of import blown glass pipes. 

Happy Mother’s Day from CBD Kratom

We have just the thing to make your Mother’s Day perfect. Visit us at one of our 60+ locations throughout St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and New York City, and let our Doyens help you find the perfect way to spend the day.

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