Top 5 FAQs: Terpenes

Top 5 FAQs: Terpenes

1. What are Terpenes?

Terpenes surround us in our daily lives with their presence in plants, from flowers to fruits and vegetables. Terpenes are a diverse group of organic compounds produced by plants, particularly in their resin glands. They are responsible for the unique aromas and flavors found in various plants, such as lavender, citrus fruits, and pine trees. Terpenes are synthesized in the trichomes of plants, which are tiny, hair-like structures found on the surface of leaves, flowers, and stems. These trichomes contain specialized cells that produce and store terpenes. The production of terpenes is influenced by various factors, including genetics, environmental conditions, and the stage of plant growth. Different plants produce different combinations and concentrations of terpenes, giving them their unique scents and flavors. While cannabis is not the only plant containing terpenes, these compounds are most commonly associated with the cannabis plant because of their prolific appearance in the plant's structure. Over 20,000 different terpenes have been identified, each with its own distinct scent and potential health benefits.

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2. What are the Benefits of Terpenes?

Aromatherapy and Mood Enhancement- Terpenes have long been used in aromatherapy for their potential mood-enhancing properties. The terpene linalool, found in lavender, has been shown to have calming and relaxing effects, while limonene, found in citrus fruits, may have uplifting and energizing properties.

Potential Wellness Benefits- Terpenes may have various potential health benefits. While terpene effects are varied, some of the most common potential benefits include reducing stress, boosting mood, enhancing relaxation, and decreasing pain and inflammation.

Entourage Effect- Terpenes play a crucial role in the entourage effect, which refers to the synergistic interaction between cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, and other compounds found in cannabis. Terpenes can modulate the effects of cannabinoids, potentially enhancing their therapeutic benefits and influencing the overall cannabis experience.

3. How Are Terpenes Used?

Terpenes are generally highly concentrated and can be used in a variety of ways. Concentrated terpene blends, like the beeZbee Terpene Blends, must be diluted prior to use. The most common ways to use terpenes are by adding a few drops to your favorite tincture/oil, hemp flower, or aromatherapy diffuser. Terpenes are also available in edibles and more.


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4. Will Terpenes Get Me High?

The short answer is no. Terpenes themselves do not produce psychoactive or psychotropic effects. However, they can influence the effects of other compounds, such as cannabinoids. The combination of different terpenes and cannabinoids can contribute to the unique effects and experiences associated with different cannabis strains. For example, the terpene myrcene is believed to enhance the sedative effects of THC, while limonene may contribute to a more uplifting and energetic experience.

5. Are Terpenes Legal?

Terpenes are legal and widely available for purchase. They are commonly used in various industries, including food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. However, it is important to note that the legal status of terpenes derived from cannabis may vary depending on the jurisdiction. In some regions, terpenes extracted from cannabis may be subject to the same regulations as cannabis products. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations in your area before using or purchasing terpenes derived from cannabis.

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