TLC is in the Bag: Valentine's Day Promotion Guide

TLC is in the Bag: Valentine's Day Promotion Guide

This Valentine’s Day, we’re making it easy to share something sweet with the people you love. There’s no better time to share some love, and tasty treats with someone special. We’ve already shared some great gift ideas to up your Valentine’s Day game, now we’re making it even easier to stock up on infused chocolates, beverages and more.

Sweet Deals for Valentine’s Day

CBD Kratom is serving up great deals with curated products for that special someone in your life. Or treat yourself, and keep all the delicious sweets for yourself. Stop in any time through February 14th and save 20% off when you buy 3 or more chocolate bars. The savings get even bigger when you buy six with 25% off. (Limit 10 per visit)

A Perfect Blend in Every Decadent Bite

bbeeZbee Delta-9 THC Cherry Chocolate Bar

The beeZbee Delta-9 THC Cherry Chocolate Bar features a delicious blend of milk chocolate and real dried cherries, with 90mg of Delta-9 THC in every bar. Delta-9 THC may potentially help manage depression, aid in sleep, and provide full body relaxation.

A Delicious Boost for Date Night

Korthals' Collection No 387 Caffeine and Ginseng Kratom Chocolate Bar

Turn your next date night into a great night. Korthals' Collection Caffeine + Ginseng Kratom Chocolate Bar is the perfect combination of milk or dark chocolate, and natural ingredients like ginseng and kratom that may help put an extra pep in your step, and boost your mood.

Make Your Night Buzz

beeZbee Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar

The beeZbee Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar makes for a movie night snack, or the perfect nightcap after an evening filled with fun and friends. Available in milk or dark chocolate, these bars contain Delta-8 THC and may alter your mood, behavior, or perception.

Happy Valentine’s Day from CBD Kratom

There are still a few days left to take advantage of great savings, but hurry, when Valentine’s Day is gone, so is this deal. Stop by one of our 60+ locations across the nation to get your hands on the sweetest deal of the season. Or shop online and schedule some time to talk to an expert.

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