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Exploring the Benefits of Water Pipes

Water pipes. They’ve been celebrated in song, and featured in movies and television. Synonymous with the growing cannabis culture, water pipes have...

Water pipes. They’ve been celebrated in song, and featured in movies and television. Synonymous with the growing cannabis culture, water pipes have long been a popular choice for many centuries across the globe. These devices offer a unique and enjoyable way to consume flower, providing a smoother experience. The exact origin of the water pipe is difficult to trace, as its known use dates back centuries in Asia, particularly China and Thailand. The earliest evidence can be found in archaeological discoveries from the Ming Dynasty in China, which spanned from the 14th to the 17th century. These early water pipes were made of bamboo and used for smoking tobacco and other medicinal herbs. 


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What are Water Pipes?

Water pipes, also known as bongs, are smoking devices that use water to filter and cool the smoke before it is inhaled. They typically consist of a bowl to hold the cannabis, a stem, or downstem, that extends into the water, and a mouthpiece for inhalation. The water in the pipe acts as a filtration system, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Benefits of Using a Water Pipe

Using a water pipe for cannabis offers several benefits. One of the main advantages is the filtration and cooling effect of the water. The water can trap some heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the smoker's airways, also helping to remove ash, tar, and other particles from the smoke, resulting in a cleaner and smoother hit. Additionally, the water cools down the smoke, making it less irritating to the throat and lungs.

What Can Be Smoked in a Water Pipe?

While originally used for tobacco and other medicinal herbs in ancient civilizations, water pipes began gaining popularity in modern times between the late 1960’s-early 1970’s for cannabis use. Today, water pipes are most commonly used to smoke cannabis flower, including CBD, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, THCA and more.

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Do Extra Chambers Make a Difference?

Some water pipes feature extra chambers, which can enhance the smoking experience. The smoke is forced to pass through multiple chambers, allowing for further removal of impurities and an even cooler temperature. Extra chambers can also add visual appeal to the water pipe, creating a unique and eye-catching design. While not necessary, extra chambers can enhance the overall experience for those seeking a more advanced, involved process.

Glass Water Pipes vs Plastic Water Pipes

When it comes to choosing a water pipe, glass is often considered the superior option. Glass water pipes offer several advantages over plastic water pipes. Glass is non-porous, meaning it does not absorb odors or flavors, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience. Glass is also easier to clean and maintain, allowing for long-lasting use. Plastic water pipes, on the other hand, are often more affordable and durable, but they can retain odors and flavors over time.

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