CBD Kratom Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: A New Spin on Flowers and Sweets

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again. A time to celebrate love, friendship, and the people that matter the most. It’s the perfect chance to give gifts, raise drinks and share the love. 

Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day gifts? CBD Kratom has you covered with a new twist on old favorites. Even if you plan to be your own valentine, we have the perfect ways to treat the ones you love.

Sweets and Flowers for the 21st Century

It’s time to up your Valentine’s Day game with a different kind of flower and sweets. Forget the heart shaped box of chocolates, and roses. Give your loved ones more this year.

Sweets with a Kick

beeZbee Delta-9 THC Cherry Chocolate Bar

What’s better than chocolate? Chocolate with Delta-9 THC. The beeZbee Delta-9 THC Cherry Chocolate Bar features a decadent blend of white chocolate and real dried cherries, with 90mg of Delta-9 THC in every bar, which may provide feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and boosted mood.

Todd Adams Chocolate Martini + Strawberry Shortcake Sodas

Raise a glass and toast to romance with the perfect pairing of flavors. Drink in the love with a two-pack of Todd Adams Chocolate Martini + Strawberry Shortcake Sodas. These delicious, nano-encapsulated sodas are infused with Delta-9 THC and CBD, and may boost mood, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and aid in sleep, enhance creativity, and provide a sense of euphoria.

Not All Flowers Belong in a Vase

Song Ryder Full Spectrum THCA Flower

Light up your Valentine’s Day with something even better than a bouquet; Song Ryder Full Spectrum THCA Flower. Heat things up with one of the most interesting cannabinoids available, THCA, a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants, converts to Delta-9 THC with heat, and may potentially provide pain relief, reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, and may help with relaxation.

Song Ryder CBD + CBG + THCA Sonder Moonrock Joint

Want your flower giftwrapped? Try a Song Ryder CBD + CBG + THCA Sonder Moonrock Joint for the ultimate smoking experience. Known for their high potency, moonrock joints are cannabis flower rolled in paper, dipped in wax, and coated with kief. Think of it like a candy coating, but with a kick.

Diamonds are a Dab’s Best Friend

Song Ryder THCA Drift Diamonds

Give your special valentine diamonds this year, and make dabbing a fancy affair with Song Ryder THCA Drift Diamonds. Due to their high concentration of THCA, diamonds can provide a more intense and immediate effect compared to other cannabis products, and may have potential therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antiemetic effects.

Song Ryder Excursion E-Rig

Take it a step further and give them something incredible to complement their Drift Diamonds, with the Song Ryder Excursion E-Rig. Save the torch for creme brulee and take your diamonds to a whole new level. The Excursion heats up electronically, with no exterior flames needed for a safer, easier hit, every time.

Make This a Valentine’s Day to Remember with CBD Kratom

Stop by one of our 60+ locations throughout Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, and find the perfect way to show your love to the people that matter most. You can also shop online and schedule some one-on-one time with one of our experts from the comfort of your home to find the perfect gift.

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